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You and your van’s personality

You and your van’s personality

Who are you and Who is your van. Life's great questions...

Kenny Fantastic

The personality of your van is so important and I found this more and more as we have been going along on our journey. Some of the older vans are just so cool. My big suggestion would be to think long and hard about how your van represents you OR figure out the vans personality and work with that. Sometimes the two personalities can work together. I found this with Libby’s van. It is a beautiful, old, Mustard Yellow Valswagon Transporter. She named it … because it looks like the dog from Adventure Time

that turns into a van that looks very similar to hers. I just think that is such a great story and a great explanation for why you would name your van. Libby also put a little sticker of the face of … on the side just so people can piece it together themselves. Libby is also the proud owner of a business called Bottled Earth that creates little natural worlds made of things found in nature that you can wear. This natural theme is seen throughout the van too and made me realise how to very different things can work together so well so well.

The importance of naming your van. It is important that you create a bond with your van. If you do this you will look after him/her and have wonderful adventures together. At the end of the day you are in it together and it’s important that you understand who each other are. We called our van Fox for a few reasons. We felt like we were going into the wild and wanted to feel like our vehicle was wild too. We then found a metal geometric fox head and placed it on the front. that sealed the deal, we know had the mermaid for our ship. We will be looking to do more but I am wanting to brand the vehicle with my business info,  so it will be hard to find the balance between business and pleasure. I will have to take inspiration from the journey as a whole because whenever we wok we feel like we should be having fun and when we are having fun we know we should be getting some work done. First World Problems hey…