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Sounds for your Vanlife

Sounds for your Vanlife

Tunes can enhance every experience, here are some tips

Kenny Fantastic

Music is super important to having an awesome experience in your van. It can stop you from fighting and attract the right kinds of people to your tent. There are two different systems you need to think about, the system in your car and the one you carry on yourself at all times. 

Car sound system

The things that were important for me when it came to a car sound system was to have a good surround sound and be able to bluetooth from my phone. The bluetooth is important for safety because when you are playing your tunes and the directions come through it will soften the music, tell you what you need to hear and then let you get on with your awesome drive. 

My favourite music option is Pandora One (Paid version with no advertising). Pandora allows you to thumbs up or down so it can learn what you like which is awesome but it can be hard to do while driving. You are probably better off listening to your thumbprint radio which is a collection of all the songs you have liked (can’t go wrong there). 

Next there is Hype Machine (The most popular music from the blogosphere straight to your phone). This has a bit of an indie feel but there are some really great remixes on there too. If you like a bit of a mashup you can sort by remix only too which is cool. Hype Machine is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is really popular out there instead of waiting to be told. A lot of really cool artists have gotten popular on this platform and gone on to do great things. Back in the day it was a secret weapon of quite a few DJ’s so they could keep up to date with new releases from the best unsigned raw artists

A lot of people also like spotify but I just never jumped on the bandwagon but it seems to have some great acts on it (If you like Spotify please leave a comment below and I will add it to the blog because I don’t want leave it out just because I don’t use it). 

Soundcloud can be pretty good too if you listen to friend’s/artists likes, that is always fun because they have gone to the effort to like it so if they have good taste it has a good chance of being pretty awesome too. There are some artists that are on Soundcloud and nowhere else, so sometimes i just have to go there to get my fix. Wayvee is my favourite artist on there you should check him out. He has some great chill trap that fills my daily gaps.