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Privacy, when in a van

Privacy, when in a van

Now you see me now you don't. It's all an illusion

Kenny Fantastic

If you are smart you can work privacy like a magician… Now you see me now you don’t. Where did he go? Oh there he is and he’s fully changed and ready to go. I think that one of the things you can really get the handle on is how to have the right curtains and sheets in the right places to block any view of your activities while still being able to get a bit of air through the van. I think that my favourite trick is having a line in the inside of the back door and having your blanket or quilt on it. I have seen some that have a pattern or an image and that always gives the van a bit of character too. 

If you have windows you should make some curtains. They are the bomb. They are good for privacy but are also great when it comes to regulating the temperature or blocking the sun. Our van came with some pretty ugly mint green kitchen curtains but the upside was that they don’t get damp or collect moisture so they were a good base. I then added denim to them so it would thicken them up. This ended up being awesome because it ended up being a great insulator for the van and it never really got cold. 

The stand up shower tent is a great privacy maker too. It is way better than superman’s telephone box because there is easily enough room to do what you need. It is good to keep some deodorant and wet ones/wet wipes in there as well, to clean under your arms and in your nether regions so you can keep fresh even when you haven’t had a shower.

Double glazed windows are good too if you have the time/money and don’t do it yourself unless you are a pro because more often than not you will make your van look crap by doing it wrong.

Last but not least is to have a canopy/awning with sides. this can come off the side of the van and create a heap of covered space to allow you to get up to all sorts of mischief.