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Killer Threads Profile - Keith Chinyanda

Killer Threads Profile - Keith Chinyanda

I meet with Keith Chinyanda at Finders Keepers Melbourne and find out what makes his style tick

Kenny Fantastic

Keith Chinyanda is the best outfit/ bloke I found out at Finders Keepers markets today. He works in Finance Monday to Friday and then assists his partner Mati with a really cool label called L'entendre on the Weekends.

Kenny: So, what are your personal rules when putting together an outfit?

Keith: So personally I'm a strong believer in contrast. I don't believe in monotone or uni tone, I'm always like, "Okay if you put something together, you must always contrast with something else." Coupled with that, I'm all about layering, so it's one thing on top of the other just to create that depth in a look. So the first rule is contrast, the second rule is layering to complete the look. So those are my main rules, so every day you'll probably see I'm layered twice, even three times over because I just think there's a certain level of depth, a certain level of juxtaposition of colours that brings a look together.

Kenny: Cool. And what were you wanting to achieve with this outfit?

Keith: So, with this one in particular, obviously it needs to be functional, I'm trying to stay warm because it's so cold outside. So, I rocked a long sleeve white top underneath and then the second layer is a sweater, it's sort of like a three point sweater that I've rolled up, but to add an element of fun and texture to it, I've added the Samurai jacket, just to layer and contrast it.

So, pretty much, I'm just trying to communicate that there's a fun look to it, but it's functional at the same time. I'm bringing streets to geek, as you can see with the glasses, geek is the new cool. So, yeah, that's pretty much it.

Kenny: Is there a story behind anything that you're wearing?

Keith: Well, the story behind this yellow jumper is that our manufacturing for our label is done in Seoul and one of our manufacturers was making this up as a combo piece, which wasn't part of our collection edition. So he was pretty much taking this and running with it and I was like, this is so cool. He said to me that “this jumper is pretty much the only one that I've made so, you can have it if you like”. So, this is quite special to me because I pretty much literally only have this one type of sweater and it happened to work pretty well with the glasses that we stock as well. It’s was pretty much a match made in heaven and that’s why this item is quite dear to me.

Other than that, in terms of a real story, all I'm trying to communicate really, every time I get dressed is to have fun with it, you know, bring in a pop of colour and tell a story as well, you know. I actually wear glasses as well so I'm really trying to communicate that geeks can be cool and have swagger at the same time. That's the story.

‍Kenny: Yeah, wicked. Nice. Where's your favourite place to shop in Melbourne?

Keith: In Melbourne? I really like Culture Kings because I just think their street look is just so fashion forward. They've got a collection of different designers and stuff in there which

Other than that, you know, because I'm working a corporate job Monday through Friday, I’ll wear Rhodes & Beckett or Ted Baker so I’ll be more formal all suit and tied up and on the weekend I'm on the streets.

Yeah, those are pretty much the two that I go to.

Kenny: All right. It's nice to be able to do both.

Keith: Yeah, yeah. You got to switch it up, you need to be quite malleable depending on the situation and the environment. You need to dress for the occasion.

Kenny: Yeah, I think that's an ongoing thing throughout Melbourne, there are quite a few people who really like to express themselves on the weekend but don’t want to throw out their style all together just because they're going to work.

Keith: Yeah. 100%. 100%.

Kenny: Where do you get your hair cut?

Keith: So I go to Culture Kings for that as well. So they've actually got a Culture Kings barbershop on the top floor with a DJ spinning tunes. It's such a cool vibe because if you go get your hair cut, you'll walk downstairs and pick up the latest sneakers, or pick up the latest street wear, it's an amazing vibe. So, check it out. Culture Kings, corner of Flinders Street and Queens Street. You won't miss it.

Kenny: And if you could name your style today, what would it be?

Keith: I call my style, ’Street Smart’ because I'm a geek, you know, with the glasses, but at the same time I dress street. That's probably an oxymoron, but hey. You know, I'm always trying to dress to go against the status quo. That's mostly what I'm trying to do. Push the boundaries, just be different and unique because there's nothing more fulfilling or telling than dressing to who are. So, I put it on. I'm unapologetic about it, you know, with the socks. Just be you. So, street smart is how I express myself.

Kenny: And then, is there anyone who's style you admire?

Keith: Strangely enough? Russell Westbrook. So, I'm not too sure if you've seen him. He's an NBA player, he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunders. He pushes the boundaries on so many different levels, like constantly switching it up, trying to be different and quirky. His style is street smart as well so, if you could look him up and see some of the images and stuff that he wears, I admire him because he's unapologetic, he doesn't care what anyone thinks of him and he is definitely someone I admire. He's really inspirational..

Kenny: Thanks for your time and I appreciate your style. I felt like I learned a bit on how to layer and also about being unapologetic about what you wear, I really like that. I look forward to seeing you on the street.