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Killer Threads Profile - Miri Badger

Killer Threads Profile - Miri Badger

We have a look at Miri Badger's style and ask her some questions about what she is wearing today

Kenny Fantastic

Miri Badger (instagram @Miri.badger)is an Artist from Sydney Australia and we met on Brunswick St in Fitzroy Melbourne, Victoria outside Elise Design. I was interested in her look and wanted to know more so here is the first Killer Threads Profile.

Kenny: Hi Miri, let's get into it. What are your personal rules when putting an outfit together?

Miri: Generally I go with a colour scheme, so if I'm wearing natural colours, I wear all browns and neutrals. Then if I'm wearing bright colours I'll try to match that together, and also trying to colour coordinate is a big thing. Also if I'm wearing leathers, they have to be the same colour leather. Other than that, I don't really mind.

Kenny: Cool. What were you wanting to achieve with this outfit?

Miri: Something fun and also warm. Sometimes its hard to wear dresses when it's winter, so I wear turtlenecks and hats with dresses, but I still keep it colourful and fun ... yeah…

Kenny: Nice, is there a story behind anything that you're wearing?

Miri: Probably my jewellery at the moment is most important. My ring for sure, one of my best friend's made it, which is just amazing. It was one of the first rings she made, and then she gave it to me. The fork bracelet I've had since I was about 14, and then it's gone with me everywhere, and I never take it off. Because you don't need to take a fork off to

Kenny: Where is your favourite place to shop in Melbourne or where you're from?

Miri: That's a hard one. In Melbourne, I like Elise Design on Brunswick St and probably any of the second-hand vintage shops around there too like Yesteryear and places like that. There's another one that is in the city. I think it’s called OTC over the road from Flinders Station, that one's really good. Vinnies and Salvos are also amazing, there are things in there you wouldn't find in the second-hand stores because it's not vintage or whatever. You can find some really kooky stuff in those places. Yeah.

Kenny: Where do you get your hair cut?

Miri: This woman called Mousey Browne in Sydney who's in Surry Hills on Foveaux Street. She is especially good with curly hair, she's a legend and always gives you a glass of whisky when you go in and sit down. It's just one woman and one seat. It's really awesome.

Kenny: If you could name your style today, what would it be?

Miri: I'm thinking French Bubble o Bill.

Kenny: Why is that?

Miri: Because of the beret feel with the turtleneck because it's all in pastel bright colours. And then I'm wearing some brown boots, which is like your paddle pop stick.

Kenny: Nice. Well, thanks for the insight and for taking me through your outfit, you have a really cool style and I really enjoyed chatting with you.