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I am a swiss army tool

I am a swiss army tool

I have it all... around my neck

Kenny Fantastic

I wrote this heading because I feel like a Swiss army tool. The Swiss Army knife was always known as the tool that had everything you needed to get yourself out of a sticky situation in a cool, calm Guyver fashion. Although this is the case you never saw Mc Guyver or Where any of these handy little tools around his neck let alone anyone else for that matter. Now for some

So the next day I went and got a lanyard and put my keys on. I felt like a bit of a gimp but man it mad my life easier, I always had my keys when I needed them. We then went through a small town called Gympie (which felt like a relevant town to be feeling the way I was) and I got a nice silver chain with a metal leaf on it that was made in the steelworks next door to the markets. I felt like I was stepping it up a bit but at the end of the

The next thing to be added was a USB because you always need your movies around your neck, who doesn’t. It is always nice to be able to say to someone “hey, have you seen this movie?” And if they say “no” give it to them right there then. I noticed that the chain was irritating me because I was having to take it off and on again and again and I had a hat on as well so that added a step. The chain was hanging down when I was driving too and tickling my leg when I went around corners. So I went to supercheap auto and got some detachable key rings. These things are great it means that you can take what you need off and put it back on with ease. This made things even more dangerous are because now I would be “unstoppable”. I could put anything on this and access it always because it is right in front of me. “I’ll never forget anything ever again” i said. I then have to fill out forms so I had to have a pen… then I have to charge my phone in my phone charger cord was an absolute pain in the arse to get out of my pocket, you can't have that… then I have to charge the battery to charge my phone and that is also the same connection for my headphones that I carry around with me everywhere so I had to have that. This is then made me think, do I have to have my headphones, they're so big and cumbersome. So I got a little Bluetooth headset because hey that will solve that problem. 

So this is where I stand now I may have to minimise soon but man I am getting things done faster than ever.

Did I mention that between having this and wearing slippers with socks I am the biggest dad ever and I don't even have any

I would love to hear if anyone else has cool information on this so I can share it on the blog. Please leave a comment below so we can make this the best post on this topic.