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How to get the layout of your van just right

How to get the layout of your van just right

When working with a small space you will make big decisions.

Kenny Fantastic

When you get into your van and start living in it there, there will be a wide variety of things that piss you to hell off. These things creep up on you every day and if you think about solving them, you will come up with some great solutions. 

Here are some that we came up with.

can you stand up in your van? If you can’t, you should probably have your cooking stuff outside because it is hard enough to cook in the van without being able to stand upright.

We hate our cupboard doors and I am currently looking for some roller shutters. They aren't easy to find, if you know someone that does them please let me know.

Storage accessible from the back instead of the sides

Cutlery accessible from above the sink instead of under the sink

Food storage in containers that are easier to pull out

Clothing in separate containers

Back of driving seats that have Ikea shoe slots, great storage

fold up chairs

fold up table 

battery storage

Outside Carpet

flip out table

tea compartment

I would love to hear if anyone else has cool information on this so I can share it on the blog. Please leave a comment below so we can make this the best post on this topic.