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How to get comfortable in your Van

How to get comfortable in your Van

You can make your van more cosy than a house if you work it right.

Kenny Fantastic

This is a thing that will make or break your trip and there are different things that offer comfort. One thing that is tricky with a van is that you have a choice between a bed that stays there OR having something that turns into a two side couch or single sofa… You can throw in an awesome mattress in there and have a bed 24/7 (this is a popular option for vans that don’t have a pop top or hard top) an then you are sure to get an awesome sleep every night but there is a catch. If you do put your bed inside for good it can make it harder to do stuff in the van when it is raining and windy outside. When we bought our van, the bloke we got it off had it set up for 1 person and it had a single bed on one side with the lounge seating on the other side. We took it back to what it was originally intended to be and remade all the cushions in the process. For some reason I had it in my mind that we had to get the densest foam for the cushions we could find because i didn’t want to feel anything under them. My suggestion for anyone wanting to get cushions cut would be to go to a foam cutting place and when you are feeling the different foams, put it on the ground and lie on it for a while and you need to sit on it too because when you are sitting on it all your weight is on your bum so it need to suit both.

So a big tip for comfort is getting a mattress topper. this will change your world. and if you pack your stuff down get a big square pillow slip so you can use it as a sitting cushion

A stock standard hot water bottle and a flask is also a must if you are going into colder climates. I have found that the cheaper flasks are as good as the expensive ones so don’t get caught up in the hype on that one, I will write a blog on that one because there are some key things to look for in a flask.

A doona/doove/quilted down blanket is the best way to regulate your temperature and make sure you don’t skimp on the pillows as this will make or break your sleep time.

Make sure that you have about three or four blankets too, they don’t have to be massive but the cool thing with this is that one person in the van will always be colder than the other/others, so enough blankets will ensure that you can get the right mix down so you can all regulate your temperature to your individual tastes. If you put some hooks in the roof too they can add as nice dividers as well.