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diesel vs petrol vans

diesel vs petrol vans

What fuel type is better and does it effect what van you should go for?

Kenny Fantastic

This was a question that I had for a mechanic mate of mine Steve. I was asking him about which models to avoid and any other things I should think about. He mentioned that although Diesel vans get good mileage they can be sluggish especially when going up hills. That is the last thing I want going up a hill as older cars have enough trouble doing this as is. So we decided to go for a petrol motor and this has served us okay. I have heard is that they are doing water and electrolysis conversions over in the States and I would be really interested in converting our van especially because petrol is one of the most expensive things we spend our money on. Come on future, hit me with that good stuff.

I would love to hear if anyone else has cool information on this so I can share it on the blog. Please leave a comment below so we can make this the best post on this topic.