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aircon vs no aircon in a van

aircon vs no aircon in a van

Do you need to have aircon in a van. hmmm

Kenny Fantastic

Well, when I was looking for a van I said to myself If I am going to be spending 10,000 I want to have aircon. Well, it turned out that when we got the van checked out the aircon wasn’t working that great because it needed to be re-gassed and I got a quote for it and it was going to be $350. There were other things that we wanted at the time so we gave it a miss and just got a 12 Volt fan just in case. 

To be honest, it was really nice having the windows open or the 12 Volt fan on and we preferred it really. There is something about being on the road that makes you want to smell what's around and have the wind in your hair. I would probably say that it may be nice if you are travelling through Queensland Australia in the height of summer it may be important as it gets really bloody hot up there over that time and that's why we did the trip in winter.